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Welcome to Eohic Group! Liaoning EO Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a wholly state-owned company reshuffled and established on the basis of Liaoning EO Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Mining Machinery Group Co., Ltd. In 2007, EO merged NFM Technologies in France and became an international enterprise. In 2009, EO became one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, ranking among the top three in Chinese heavy machinery industry. EO’s factory is located in Shenyang Economic &

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    • PEF Jaw Crusher

      PEF Jaw Crusher

      Applications and Characteristics Jaw crusher is one crushing machine with extensive application, and can be classified into PEF compound pendulum jaw crusher and PEJ simple pendulum jaw crusher. Generally speaking, PEF compound pendulum crusher is suitable for coarse and intermediate crushing of...