China's Independent Research And Development Of Sorrel Body High Strength Stainless Steel

- Jun 01, 2018-

The S600E high-strength stainless steel structural steel press conference was held in Beijing and announced to the world a sorbite high-strength stainless steel structural steel independently developed and named by the Chinese. It could be a green, earthquake-resistant and long-life building in the future. Marine, petroleum, bridges, ships, towers, wind power equipment and reclamation projects make due contributions.

According to reports, sorbite high-strength stainless steel S600E is a new steel product created and named by Zhengzhou Yongtong Special Steel Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nickel Resources International Holdings Limited. The steel has an elongation of more than 20% at a yield strength of 600 MPa, a coefficient of expansion similar to that of carbon steel, a modulus of elasticity greater than that of carbon steel, and a neutral salt spray corrosion resistance 150 times that of ordinary carbon steel. Fatigue test under 456-256MPa stress cycle, frequency 98.2Hz, 10 million times without breaking, no abnormal surface, even under -40 °C conditions also showed good impact resistance, impact energy reached 40J or more. At the same time, the connection methods in engineering applications, namely soldering and bolting, are solved. In addition, corresponding welding procedures and welding rods have been developed, that is, grade 8.8 to 12.9, diameter 60 mm or less, and stainless steel bolts that are resistant to hydrogen embrittlement and high strength.

In view of the high strength, low yield ratio, high elongation and high corrosion resistance of sorbite high-strength stainless steel, according to the characteristics of the metallurgical structure of tempered sorbite, repeated testing by third parties and internal and external experts The review found that the steel was named as sorbite high-strength stainless structural steel and its strength was comparable to that of Japan's highest-level high-strength seismic steel H-SA700 and Sumitomo Metal's BT-HT880.

Since 2017, relevant standards for sorbite high-strength stainless steel have been approved and issued by the National Standardization Management Committee and related community organizations. Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute and Zhengzhou Yongtong Special Steel Co., Ltd. jointly established the group standard group for high-strength stainless steel structural steels. They responded quickly to the market and closely followed the research and development of new products. They effectively completed the establishment, preparation, and improvement of serial group standards. Drafting, soliciting opinions, and submitting to the standardization work at the stage of review, and effectively promoting the application and promotion of this series of standards. On August 22, 2017, China's Special Steel Association's “Soxhlet High-Strength Stainless Steel” series of group standards (seven items) was officially released.

Zhengzhou Yongtong Special Steel Co., Ltd. is an innovative and growing special steel production company. The patented product (high-strength and high-corrosion structural steel YT410NS) developed this time is a low-cost, cost-effective one developed using the rich earth and nickel laterite resources of the earth. The new steel grade is a major breakthrough. At present, sorbite high-strength stainless steel has been well received by customers such as China Electric Power Research Institute, China Shipbuilding 713, Muyuan, Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Manufacturing Group, Naval Design Bureau, and PetroChina Pipe & Tube Research Institute. Wide application prospects.