Japan Developed Fireproof And Explosion-proof Lithium Battery

- Jun 03, 2018-

Recently, Japanese researchers successfully developed a new type of lithium battery electrolyte. The material has the characteristics of being non-flammable and explosive in high temperature environments, which is of great significance for improving the safety of lithium batteries.

   Lithium battery safety has become a major pain point in the industry

According to the news published in the UK's "Natural Energy" magazine, the electrolyte contains trimethyl phosphate, which is an effective flame retardant, and can effectively improve the lithium battery cycle times to more than 1000 times, while also improving the lithium battery The operating voltage is up to 4.6V, which plays a key role in improving battery performance and lifetime.

At present, the electrolyte used in the lithium battery is mostly organic electrolyte. When the battery is working in a high temperature environment for a long time or the battery casing is broken and exposed to air, the lithium battery will face the risk of fire or explosion.

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As current lithium batteries have been widely used in the supply of portable devices and electric vehicles, if the technology can be promoted, this will have a milestone significance in the history of lithium batteries. ,

However, we have not heard about the breakthrough in battery technology before. However, many technologies are only feasible in the laboratory environment and cannot be applied to the actual working environment. I hope this technology can be used as soon as possible from the laboratory, instead of vector production. It was overwhelmed by the menstrual tweaking of "good, supportive, mighty, hopeful" by a large number of Internet users.