Knowledge Of Maintenance And Maintenance Of Vacuum Roller Kneading Machine

- May 03, 2018-

Vacuum rolling Machine production process is simple, because in a vacuum environment, so the food produced is very clean and hygienic, able to meet the standards used by people, and the whole pickling process is very scientific and rigorous, so the taste of meat can also handle very well, so there will be more people choose to use vacuum roll kneading machine. 1. Open the bottom valve switch of the vacuum oil-water separator at the end of each work. Remove the vacuum inhalation substance.

Clean the vacuum oil-water separator to ensure the smooth flow of the vacuum pipe. 2, the vacuum pump should be stopped once a month to check the oil pollution, if the vacuum pump oil in the situation has been contaminated, it should be timely change oil. The pump must be unloaded for 15 minutes before changing the oil. Let the oil heat and stop the pump to open the oil plug to discharge the oil. Use some new oil or cleaning oil to clean the pump and inject new vacuum pump oil.

(new oil for 10# petrol or oil) vacuum pump maintenance and maintenance can refer to the use of vacuum pump instructions. 3, often check the worm gear reducer oil level. If the oil level is found to be below the oil window height 1/2 should promptly add 30# mechanical oil.