Meat Grinder As An Important Equipment For Meat Processing Needs To Accelerate The Pace Of Intelligence

- May 04, 2018-

News of the importation of meat has been frequent this year. June, 14 years after our country reopened to the United States beef market; in November, our country and Chile officially signed an upgrade of the FTA, and imported frozen meat is expected to fall further ... These imported meat not only for people's daily consumption to provide a variety of choices, but also to deep-processing enterprises are favored. There are people in the industry calculate a sum, import white white pig about 17 yuan/kg, while the domestic mechanized culture in the relatively preliminary stage, the price of pork often high, generally 24 yuan/kg.



  Because meat products deep-processing enterprises have a greater demand for meat, imported meat to become an ideal raw material. Meat products are acquired by these enterprises can be processed into a variety of food, such as meat dumplings, meatballs, sausages, ham, bacon and so on. Need to use a lot of equipment, such as cutting meat equipment, mince equipment, chopped mixing equipment, bone separation equipment and so on. One of the mince equipment can be raw meat according to different technological requirements of processing specifications of granular meat, so as to achieve the next step of molding, mixing and other requirements.


  This requirement seems simple and practical, because the operation of this step directly determines the quality of subsequent finished products. affect the finished product quality has two elements, one is the temperature, because the high temperature is easy to destroy the meat taste, and the twist and inevitable will because of friction heat. General requirements of meat grinder before the flesh after a mild twist of the temperature of the temperature control within 2 ℃, the smaller the temperature difference, indicating the better the performance of meat grinder.


  The second is the gap, if the meat grinder metal sieve plate and the edge of the department is not enough, there will be a gap between the tissue membrane, connective tissue wound in the blade, and then destroy the meat tissue cells, weaken the addition of fat bag and force, resulting in bad, affect the end product quality. When it comes to meat grinder, safety is something that has to be mentioned. The security here refers to both food safety and the physical safety of the operator. First of all, food safety, some manufacturers in the production line to join the front-end testing equipment, through the original materials for food safety and nutrition analysis, such as detection of meat protein content, lean meat, foreign body detection, to ensure that the finished product nutrition, flavor and food safety. And the operator's personal safety by the meat grinder to add some protective measures, such as the use of smooth panels to replace the operator's sharp edge, to prevent accidents due to human negligence. For a single meat grinder, the current impact on the operator's personal safety of the biggest problem there are two, one is the importation of meat grinder materials still need to manually pour material, the second is from the meat grinder stranded from the use of food handlebar materials into the chop mixer inside. These two places are extremely vulnerable to staff injuries and require the staff to be more careful and operate in a standardized operation.


  And for the entire production line of the mince equipment, hoist, conveyor belt can be a good solution to this security problem. Food safety can not only detect one thing, need to mix cleaning to ensure safety. At present, the meat grinder is basically cleaned by manual demolition, this kind of cleaning method by artificial impression of the limitations of the larger, may appear people did not wash clean, accidentally hurt themselves and so on. In the intelligent automation of the tide, meat grinder to get rid of low-cost competition, science and technology content is not high, need to increase research and development efforts to promote the upgrading of meat machinery and innovation.


  In this process, we need to make perfect equipment technical specifications, strictly organize the design, manufacture and application of food machinery, improve the entry threshold of equipment industry, and strengthen the protection of intellectual property in the equipment industry. At present, China is the world's largest production of meat and consumption of meat, rapid development of fast frozen meat food, has become a new economic pillar of domestic meat processing enterprises. In this, mince equipment will play a huge role, meat grinder manufacturers need to focus on mince equipment automation intelligent upgrade, to produce more efficient, convenient and safe equipment.