Analysis On The Causes Of The Filling Quantity Of The Beverage Filling Machine

- May 02, 2018-


  Most of the filler is widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical industry, due to the variety of production products, however, if there is a failure in production, it will bring about the impact of production can not be underestimated. So enterprises need to know more about the possible situation of machinery and how to deal with knowledge.

Can ensure that the filling machine more efficient, high-quality, low-cost production.

Installation considerations for beverage filling machines:

1, the machine opened the box, first check the random technical information is complete, the machine is in transit damage, in order to resolve in a timely manner.

2. The feed assembly and the discharging component are installed and adjusted according to the outline of the specification.

3, the lubrication points to new lubricants.

4. Rotate the machine with the rocker handle to check whether the machine is running in the correct direction (facing the motor spindle counterclockwise), the machine must protect the grounding.

Analysis of the causes of the filling capacity of filler or no material:

1, speed throttle valve and filling interval throttle valve is not closed, throttle valve can not be closed.

2, the fast-loading three-pipe control valve is not a foreign body, if there is, please tidy, fast-loading three-tube control valve and filling the head of the skin is not air, if there is air, as far as possible to cut or remove the air.

3, to see if all seals are damaged, if there is damage, please replace the new. 4, filling mouth valve core whether there is plug appearance or delay to open, if there is case, to the valve core from the beginning to install a good location.

If the delay opens, needs to adjust the thin type cylinder throttle valve.

5, the fast-loading three-wire control valve inside and below the tightening spiral spring elasticity, elastic too large check valve will not open.

6, filling speed is not too fast, adjust the filling speed throttle valve, drop filling speed.

7, all the clamp, leather tube buckle can be sealed, such as please amend. 8, the magnetic switch is not loose, each time adjust the quantity, please lock tightly.