The World's First Smart Explosion-proof Shovel Truck Was Born

- May 31, 2018-

On December 4th, after the off-line preparation and commissioning, the world's first intelligent ultra-high-exploration 100-ton battery explosion-proof shovel truck developed and produced by Aerospace Heavy Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. officially entered the factory test stage. The car went offline on November 15th, rewriting the current domestic and international history of the explosion-proof shovel truck load capacity of 80 tons, and became the world's largest mine special vehicle in this equipment field.

It is reported that after more than eight months of research and development, the R&D team of Aerospace Heavy Industries has successively conquered the highly integrated wheel drive technology, the combination of electric braking and mechanical braking, the modularization of system configuration, the forced cooling technology of electric drive systems, and the efficient Intelligent health management technology and other difficulties make the product powerful, low energy consumption, extended functions, long life, high efficiency and reliability. After the product has been tested in the factory for a period of time, it will go to Shenhua Group's mining area for industrial trial operation.