Ice Machine Introduction

- May 04, 2018-

Ice machine: Large milk round, syrup, sugar, snow ice, three tablets, raisins, condensed milk, ice machine shaved ice is to be planed into snowflakes, pour condensed milk, syrup, and then with a variety of fruits or other ingredients made of high-grade cold drink, taste delicate, import slag, sugar not much, cooling effect of cool, more eat will not feel full.

    The equipment used to make ice drinks in a cold drink shop is a device used to shape ice cubes into snow-like crushed ice, which can be used to produce a variety of taste, different flavors of shaved ice food. The working principle of the ice machine: first the ice to break to about 20 mm in diameter, in order to put into the barrel, top to convex over the nozzle is advisable. Notice to open the power switch, the motor with the Power Plate after the rotation to fill the plate dynamic pressure material cover handle downward pressure, then by fastening the blade on the rotating knife to cut the ice cubes. However, the operation of the pressure material cover handle downward pressure should not be too strong, lest the motor plugging into the motor damage.

    And should pay attention to the reduction of ice material allowance, timely replenishment of new ice blocks. The application of the ice machine: cut the frozen particles, through the discharge outlet into the plate. To pay attention to the material out of the material smooth, can not be blocked, otherwise it will cause card dead knife plate, burn motor. If found that the knife plate is stuck to die, should immediately lift the pressure material cover handle, close the switch, unplug the plug, timely troubleshooting. The weight of the ice particles can be achieved by adjusting the height of the blade protruding from the cutter plate. When adjusting, remove the plastic plate of the protective switchgear, loosen the screws of the fixed elbow, pull out the barrel, then loosen the tightening screws of the operation plate, remove the knife plate, loosen the tightening screws of the blade, and install in place according to your requirements. And then put the knife plate into place in order.

    Widely used in the catering industry, hot and cold drinking shops, western restaurants, coffee shops, snack and hotels and other industries, The characteristics of the ice machine: Each use is completed, must be cleaned, clean should be turned off the main power switch, unplug the plug, and then use a clean towel wipe the water on the machine. After cleaning, remember to put the pressure cover handle lift. Cleaning is not allowed to use detergent to prevent residue on the machine caused by cleaning agent pollution. Also can not rinse directly with water, lest the electrical components damp, affect the safe use and damage the machine. The design of the motor is 80%, to avoid the continuous operation for a long time. After one hour of continuous work, 20 minutes should be suspended before starting work. This will greatly prolong the service life of the motor. Whether it is cleaning, maintenance, replacement blades or cleaning ice slag and other related work, should be turned off the power, unplug the power plug, do not allow the pilot time no-load operation.