Problems and countermeasures of non-edible substances and food additives

- May 03, 2018-

The problem of adding non-food substances and food additives to food has attracted more and more attention. Food safety incidents in recent years appear to be related to this. "Sudan Red", "Malachite green", "melamine", "lean meat fine" are added to the food non-food matter, resulting in a large number of social problems, the media has been widely disclosed. The problem of food additive is mainly abuse.

Although the authorities concerned have cracked down on it and even dealt with it in criminal cases, the problem remains.

Food additive

and non-edible substances overview The addition of non-food substances to food is prohibited by law or even criminal acts, while food additives are allowed to be added. In practice, many people often confuse these two questions.

It is not a matter of fact that adding non-food substances to food is also a food additive problem. The provisions of food safety law for food additives in China mean "refers to the artificial synthesis or natural substances in food for the improvement of food quality and color, aroma, taste and the need for anti-corrosion, insurance and processing technology." In the AQSIQ "food additives production supervision and management provisions" stipulates that "food additives" is approved by the Health Administrative Department of the State Council and by standards, announcements and other means can be used as an improvement of food quality and color, aroma, taste, as well as anti-corrosion, preservation and processing of the need to add food synthetic or natural substances.

Thus, food additives are approved by the relevant State departments, the purpose is to improve the quality of food and color, incense, taste and for anti-corrosion, preservation and processing technology needs, food additives including synthetic substances and natural substances. Effective June 20, 2011, "Food additive use standards" including food additives, food processing aids, gum masterbatch and edible spices, such as 4 varieties, involving 6 major categories of food, 23 functional categories, including the corresponding use of the range and use of food additives 280 species, According to the production needs of the appropriate use of food additives 77 kinds of food spices 1853 kinds of food industry processing aids 159 kinds of gum base candy Base agent substance and its ingredients 55 kinds. It can be seen that it is different from non-food substances. Non-edible substances are not approved at all and are not edible at all and cannot be used as food substances.