The operation method and daily maintenance of paste filling machine

- May 04, 2018-

  Paste filling machine in the beverage industry, food industry, cosmetics industry and the pharmaceutical industry has a wide range of applications, below we understand the operation of the equipment and maintenance of small common sense.

    1. In the production of the detection of filling when the measurement is not stable, should be timely check the feed valve may have debris, resulting in tight sealing, and affect the filling volume.

    2. The lower part of the cylinder leakage, should stop production, check whether the piston seal ring wear, if the determination is to be better in time seals. Paste filling machine can be automatic filling or manual filling, if the height of the machine, this time can be manual operation, just need to use the mouth to push the tongue is to start sucking material (note When filling do not resist the tongue); If the use of automatic setting, the discharge must be placed under the mouth of the bottle, switch a pull, will immediately automatically fill, Remember and make the bottle better in time.