Complete Set of Sand Making Machine

Complete Set of Sand Making Machine

Sand production line developed by EO makes breakthroughs in the vertical-shaft crushing, air screening and other key technologies and uses the five-hole impact rotor structure, the state-of-art technology to crush, shape and grind raw materials entering crushers through rotors using the...

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Sand production line developed by EO makes breakthroughs in the vertical-shaft crushing, air screening and other key technologies and uses the five-hole impact rotor structure, the state-of-art technology to crush, shape and grind raw materials entering crushers through rotors using the "rock breaking" centrifugal crushing method. This achieves self-generated crushing and high-str Sand manufacturing plant ength self-generated crushing, thereby efficiently improving the particle shapes of finished sand and increasing the output of fine aggregate. The equipment uses the air screening technology to achieve perfect classification on transfinite particle size, finished sand and sand powder, thereby maximizing the screening efficiency, and uses intelligent control to make the fineness modulus of finished sand adjustable. In addition, the equipment uses the dust collector technology with offline ash removal pulse to efficiently control the content of rock powder in finished sand and operate the whole system in a closed negative pressure environment, thereby realizing the value ideas of green and intelligent sand making for environmental protection.



Characteristics for silica sand production line 


a. US7 vertical-shaft impact crusher

Five-hole impact rotor structure
The unique material throwing hammer and T-shaped structure significantly increases

the output of particle sizes ranging between 0.15mm and 0.6mm.
The particle shape improves significantly, with the void ratio less than 42%.
The service life of a five-hole impact rotor is five times that of a normal rotor.


b. AS Air Screen

Vibration transmission and dispersion technologies

The vibration screen combine separation and selection technologies

The intelligent air regulation for air blowers can control wind force during screening and clean the surfaces for sand

The new polyurethane mesh can prevent blockage and improve the screening efficiency.

The fineness modulus is adjustable with the stability reaching ±0.1.


C. Sand power separation technology

The air separation technology with inertial classification requires no energy consumption.
The adjustable guide plate design maximizes the air flow path.
Corse particles (with a size bigger than 40 um) in the reclaimed sand powder improve the quality of finished sand, thereby ensuring a reasonable graduation of finished sand.
The technology can reduce power consumption during dust collection and improve dust collection efficiency.


d. Dust collector

The high-efficiency bag dust collector provides the offline ash removal dust collection function to achieve a dust collection efficiency of 99%.
Polyester peritoneal filter bags provide excellent filtering performance, with the carbon concentration less than or equal to 20 mg/m³(under rated conditions).
Automatic differential pressure signal feedback brings high-performance automatic pulse control.


e. Electronic cotrol system

The unique algorithm and control mode are used.
The graduation and fineness modulus of finished sand are adjustable, and the sand powder content is controllable.
Intelligent management for quick-wear parts is used.


Basic flow of sand production line
First of all, the stone from the initial coarse crusher broken, then produced into the coarse material by belt conveyor to the crushing machine for further broken, after crushing stone vibrating sieve into two kinds of stones, sand gravel sand mechanism meet the feed size of sand making machine, another part of the back feed into thin broken.
Part of the sand made of sand, sand washing machine (optional) after cleaning the finished sand, another part of the sand machine again broken.


sand making production line Features:

1. The structure is simple but with high degree of automation, and the operating cost is low.
2. High crushing ratio, energy saving, high yield, less pollution, easy maintenance and with with national standards for construction sand.
3. Sand making production line is slightly influenced by the humidity of material, and the max humidity is 8%.
4. Sand making production line is more suitable for crushing mid-hardness materials and high-hardness materials.
5. Its product is in uniform size, grain shape,and reasonable gradation. The density of piling up is high and the iron pollution is low.
6. The working noise is less than 75 decibels and dust pollution is little


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