Ferromanganese Furnace

Ferromanganese Furnace

Product Name: Ferromanganese Furnace
Country of origin: China
Condition: New

Product Details


Product Name: Ferromanganese Furnace

Country of origin: China

Condition: New

Ferromanganese submerged arc furnace is a kind of industrial furnace which consumes much power. Full set equipment mainly consists of furnace shell, fume hoods, lining, short net, cooling system, exhaust system, de-dusting system, electrode shell, electrode lifting system, loading and unloading system, electrode holder, arc burner, hydraulic systems, submerged arc furnace transformer and various of electrical equipments.

Ferro-manganese submerged arc furnace equipment is divided into three layer arrangement

The 1st layer is furnace body (including furnace bottom support, furnace shell, furnace lining), tapping system (including the ladle and ladle car.), arc burner etc.

The 2nd layer 

111.pngFume hood: At present, mostly of submerged arc furnace adopts closed or semi-closed low hood structure, with the characteristics of environmental protection, facilitate maintenance and improve the operation environment. The closed structure can also collect the exhaust gas (main ingredient is carbon monoxide) which is generated in the production and used in synthetically. Also can reduce the heat loss of the circuit, decrease the temperature of the electrode, and improve the operating environment.

111.pngElectrode holder: Most of submerged arc furnace with three-phase power supply. Electrode in triangle or inverted triangle, symmetrical position placed in the middle of furnace chamber. Large submerged arc furnace generally adopts anthracite, coke and coal tar pitch mixed as electrode material, in the process of smelting , it roasting by itself as electrode.

111.pngShort net

111.pngCopper tile

111.pngElectrode shell

111.pngUnloading system

111.pngStoking machine

111.pngFume exhaust system

111.pngWater-cooling system

111.pngSubmerged arc furnace transformer

111.pngOperating system

The 3rd layer

111.pngHydraulic system

111.pngElectrode press and release device

111.pngElectrode lifting system

111.pngSteel platform

111.pngHopper and cycle material distribution car

111.pngOther additional: skew Bridge feeding system, electronic batching system, etc.


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