Mining Metal Detector

Mining Metal Detector

Name: Mining Metal Detector Country: China Usage: Applicable to various kinds of situations. C lassification : Separator Accessories Introduction: Mining Metal Detector is the latest product in metal detecting field. In circuit design, this product adopts digital phase shifting and related...

Product Details

Name: Mining Metal Detector

Country: China

Usage: Applicable to various kinds of situations.

ClassificationSeparator Accessories


Mining Metal Detector is the latest product in metal detecting field. In circuit design, this product adopts digital phase shifting and related detecting technologies, which are the latest metal detecting technologies. With stable performance, high detecting sensibility and strong disturbance resisting ability.


It can be used for building material, paper making, coal, mines, cement, thermal power, chemical, food industry etc. it is used for detecting bulk metallic impurities left or mixed with products, which can help avoid damage to working machines.


1.The detector head can be separated, but the belt do not need to be cut.

2.The detector head is made of stainless steel.

3. Large LCD display with Chinese & English language and so on. Consumer can choose according to their needs.

4. Have self- learning study function, can automatically digitally learn and store product’s features. Easy to operate without manual participation to adjust technical parameters.

5. It can store more than 100 kinds of testing data of products.

6. Alarm: Sound and light alarm, and stop automatically.

7. When the impurities is detected, the metal detector will send the stopping signal from the intermediate relays to the conveyor belt system.

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