The First Internet + Construction Machinery Information Platform Built In China

- Apr 21, 2018-

"The road construction one stop reaches the Xugong ' Road House '!" "October 10, 2015 morning, road machinery industry, the first professional, brand one-stop solution Portal Service platform-" Road Home "in Xugong Road Machinery Division official on-line operation, marking the deepening of road machinery" wholeheartedly "service brand, build xugong characteristics of" Internet + Engineering Machinery "

The integration of innovative models has taken a solid step. Xugong Group Chairman, party secretary Thanes, the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology information Promotion Department director Wu Bing, China Construction Enterprise Management Association, Deputy Secretary-General Sun Xiaobo, China Highway Association Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Yi, China Municipal Engineering Association deputy director Zhou, China Transportation Construction Co., Ltd. Equipment and materials department Huangyi, China Construction Machinery Industry Association Road Machinery Branch secretary General Fangjianxian, Jiangsu Province Traffic Engineering Group Co., Ltd. President Wanbing, Xu Machinery Vice President Sun Jianzhong, Xu Machinery President Assistant, Xugong Road general manager Wang Qingji and other leaders, guests attended.

Activities are also in Nanning, Xian, Chengdu, Shijiazhuang, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and other national 6 major regional branches, more than 600 road machinery high-end customers, distributors and more than 20 media reporters share the "new normal" under the Xugong Road machinery "Internet +" development model, the joint witness to China's construction and maintenance machinery Industry new model, the birth of a new industry. "Road House" is designed and developed by Xugong Road, focus on customer-centric, "wholeheartedly" service and the effort to build cover machine selection, two mobile phone transactions, spare parts trading, construction technology consulting and other functional modules of the "Internet +" information platform, the road machinery industry is the first professional with full value chain integration capabilities of the information platform , is also China's first branded road machinery one-stop solution portal, will be in the road machinery maintenance field for customers to create value.