Eighth Annual Construction Machinery CIO Summit Forum Held

- Apr 19, 2018-

 Drive transformation and upgrade and innovate and develop together China Construction Machinery Trade network president, Shandong Jie Rui Digital Technology Co., Ltd. President Wenzing in the opening speech, in the new era of the Internet, traditional manufacturing enterprises are actively engaged in the transformation of E-commerce exploration, hoping to create a highly integrated with the Internet industry new form. The construction machinery industry must experience the reorganization of elements from production mode, economic model and industrial structure, which is a chemical reaction and subversion of traditional mode. The CIO Summit Forum is to build a "internet +" thinking and means to create a new industry, new supply chain, new value-added services platform. "All along, US digital and China Construction Machinery Trade Network is committed to" use digital technology and e-commerce to enhance the competitiveness of traditional industries ", this year is the introduction of new products to sell customers, eshop online sales of electric business platform, the whole channel to sell E-commerce platform, B2B2C/B2B vertical electric business platform,

DRP online distribution platform and many other new products, set off the entire construction machinery industry technology innovation and industrialization of the wave of change. The essence of electric power is integration, the aim is marketing, "rational electric quotient" and "kingly marketing" emphasize synergy, emphasizing the share of e-commerce dividend. Wenzing said that the US digital "full channel marketing, convenient control" and "Sales process visualization, sales behavior mobility, sales Management Intelligence" is "rational electrical quotient" rooted in the construction machinery industry, starting from the essence of the US number! In the face of the industry system reconfiguration, US digital and 21-sun in the fields of software technology, mobile interconnection, e-commerce platform and multimedia application, will provide the industry with the technology cooperation service based on the whole network marketing.