Mitsubishi Hitachi Harvest Angang Group's M701s Gas Turbine Order

- Apr 02, 2018-

 Mitsubishi Hitachi Power System Co., Ltd. MHPs said that it had received orders from the m701s (DA) x gas turbine and generator of the China Anshan Iron and Steel Group No. Second power plant, which had output power up to 180 MW, and the fuel used BF gas, which was expected to commence operation in the first half of 2019. The utilization of blast furnace gas is always the difficult point of energy utilization in iron and steel enterprises, besides the demand of ironmaking technology, burning boiler and burning is the main way of utilization of BF gas.

But the efficiency of blast furnace gas burning boiler is low, the environment is polluted while burning, and the gas turbine generator set with BF gas as fuel provides a good solution.

On the other hand, compared with natural gas generation, because the calorific value of blast furnace gas is lower, so high level of combustion technology is needed to ensure the stable operation of gas turbine, in this respect, MHPS company developed a special combustion technology for blast furnace gas to ensure that the gas turbine in the harsh combustion conditions for a long period of

MHPS blast furnace Gas Turbine products Camp m701s (DA) x gas turbine and m701s (F) gas turbines are typical products of the MHPs company, take the m701s (f) Gas turbine as an example, it and m701f gas turbines are F-class units, but the fuel is not the same, m701f is usually natural gas, oil and gas and dual fuel, m701s (f

) is mainly the blast furnace gas unit, on duty fuel coke oven gas.

In this project, in addition to the supply of m701s (DA) x gas turbines and generators, MHPS company will also provide gas compressors, electrostatic precipitator, reducer and other equipment.

MHPS BF Gas Turbine global performance MHPs delivered the first gas turbine using BF gas to China in 2007, and MHPs delivered about 30 BF gas turbines to China with the great development of China's steel industry. To date, MHPs occupies more than 60% of global market share in the field of BF gas gas turbines.