2018 National Agricultural Machinery And Parts Exhibition To Be Launched Tomorrow

- Apr 01, 2018-

Relying on the geographical location of Zhengzhou, the National Agricultural Machinery exhibition has been selected for six consecutive years in Zhengzhou to hold the spring show, on the one hand, because Henan itself belongs to the agricultural machinery manufacturing province, the level of agricultural mechanization in the national forefront of choice in Zhengzhou, is the level of agricultural mechanization in Henan a certain

, on the other hand, Zhengzhou's geographical location is relatively convenient for exhibitors in the north and south. According to China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association executive Vice President Van Jinglong, this year's pavilion area of more than 50,000 square meters, is held in Zhengzhou National Agricultural machinery Exhibition in 6 years the largest one. The exhibition, China's Agricultural Machinery Institute, Lovol Heavy Industry, Zoomlion, Shandong Time Wind, Shandong Five, Changzhou Dongfeng, Jiangsu Squidward, brave machinery, days drag, the middle farmer Bo far, nine Fantaise, Yue Tatsu intelligent, Shandong Dafeng, Henan Hao Fung and other domestic well-known large and medium-sized agricultural machinery enterprises are all exhibitors, John Deere, Echo, Kubota, foreign horse , Deutz PHARE, Maschio and other foreign-owned brands with greater influence are also actively participating in exhibitors, parts exhibitors also significantly more than in previous years, the exhibition of agricultural machinery and parts enterprises nearly 400.

It is worth mentioning that this year, Shandong Province Jining Yanzhou District government will organize the backbone of Yanzhou agricultural machinery Enterprises Group to participate in the exhibition for its agricultural machinery industry cluster Regional brand publicity, fully demonstrated Yanzhou area agricultural machinery manufacturing regional advantages and strength, this is the first time in the National Agricultural Machinery exhibition. This year's National Agricultural Machinery exhibition in the pavilion design compared to previous years also have a greater difference in the layout of the venue made a larger adjustment.

In previous years, large and medium-sized key backbone Enterprise exhibition area are all in the outdoor, this year for the first time all large-scale special equipment enterprises all Please enter the museum, the overall layout of the embassy more reasonable, large and medium-sized key enterprises, foreign brand enterprises exhibitors more prominent, the layout and exhibition results will be significantly improved. In the content and activities of the exhibition, the National Agricultural Machinery exhibition also according to the past has been adjusted accordingly.

Today is the era of artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, the agricultural machinery industry is also more and more focus on innovation and research and development, so this year will be in precision agricultural equipment, intelligent manufacturing equipment, scientific and technological innovation and in recent years the emergence of new agricultural machinery and other professional exhibition areas have been strengthened. Van Jinglong revealed that the exhibition in addition to the traditional mechanical exhibition, but also contains a number of exchanges forum and seminars, in addition to the organization of 2018 International Precision Agricultural Equipment Development Summit, 2018 national Crop straw Comprehensive utilization technology and equipment seminar, 2018 National Agricultural machinery Parts technology Upgrade and post market Development forum,

will also hold the Agricultural Aviation Safety Technology Seminar, Agricultural Machinery maintenance capacity to upgrade the construction forum, 2018 China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association standard Work Conference, the national Agricultural machinery user satisfaction brand selection Event Awards ceremony, 2018 China Agricultural Machinery Industry annual award Initiation ceremony. The 2018 National Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in the area of the pavilion or in the content and activities are more than in previous years to show greater sincerity, and China's agricultural machinery network as the National Agricultural Machinery Exhibition for many years of cooperation media, step-by-step witness the scale and content of the exhibition gradually towards professional and high-end trend, this year's exhibition will make you refreshing, Go to the scene and see it quickly!