A Salad Behind The Paste Filling Machine And Other Equipment In Busy

- Apr 30, 2018-

Salads have long been considered a healthy diet for weight loss because of their low calorie content. The calories we get from salads are low, but the same nutrients are low, and according to research, most women are less suited to eating salads. Because women's physique is cold, salad will make the metabolism worse, reduce blood circulation and so on. In addition, some vegetables have high nitrate content, which is potentially dangerous.


  From this, the salad has weight loss slimming effect, but the health of the human body is not strong help. We generally buy salad in supermarkets and so on by industrialized production line processing, in cleaning, sorting, cutting and other processes made. Salad and vegetables are very similar, slicing machines, cleaning machines and other processing machinery are their necessary. People who have bought salads are not difficult to find that the vegetables in the salad are very many, and the size of the cut out of different sizes, such as carrots, cucumber and so is flaky;


  The completion of these different shapes is due to the cutting machine. Now the market of vegetable slicer can be sliced, shredded, cut strips, suitable for a variety of shape specifications, and the thickness can also be freely adjusted.


  In addition to such stand-alone equipment, there is a kind of complete vegetable processing production line, the realization of raw materials pretreatment, cutting, cleaning, dehydration, packaging this series of processes, the realization of ready-to-eat vegetables, vegetables, fresh-cut vegetables processing, not only time-saving, but also cost-effective. The above vegetable processing Machine general configuration has fresh cut vegetable pretreatment line, fresh cut vegetables to clean dehydration line, fresh cut vegetable packing line, according to the customer's vegetable processing kind, request, the output to carry on the combination, the change. Applicable to a wide range, including cucumber, carrots and other root-like fruits and vegetables, lettuce and other leaf-like vegetable, green peppers and other fruit-like vegetables.


  After the whole processing of these fruits and vegetables, distribution to supermarkets, restaurants and other locations, open bags for instant or for unified cooking. Apart from fruits and vegetables, salad dressing is also one of the indispensable characters. A lot of weight-loss people tend to eat salad without dressing, because the heat goes straight up and eating a salad is superfluous. But most people use salad dressings for their taste. In the industrialized production line, salad dressing also has a processing line, there are some markets to create high-quality, efficient salad dressing processing equipment. such as the constant rigid instrument salad dressing Double head paste filling machine, its reference to foreign advanced filling machine technology, innovation and transformation of more reasonable structure, higher accuracy, easier to operate products.


  In addition, special rotary valve control feeding and metering device makes filling machine automation efficiency faster and safer. After you finish your salad, look at the outside.


  The salad is packed in bagged and boxed, both of which are more common, but I think the box has better protection, less damage to the fruit and vegetables, and more convenient to eat. For boxed salad, the newly-produced vegetable salad packing machine with tray box has strong market competitiveness, dual inverter control, high sensitivity photoelectric eye mark tracking, digital input seal cut position, temperature independent PID control and other advanced configuration, so that the packaging process of sealing and cutting position more accurate, the realization of the bag length is cut to meet a variety of specifications, Material packaging requirements.


  If the related manufacturing enterprises want to stand out in such a competitive market, they need to work the equipment performance, structural design and so on, and win with multiple advantages. Although it is a ready-to-eat vegetable salad, but its production and processing is not simple, light in the cutting aspect of the shape of slices, silk, ding, and the thickness should be strictly controlled. In the sauce, filling machine and other equipment to choose the use of high quality, strong performance to ensure food quality and safety. Packaging is also the same according to different packaging specifications, materials to use the corresponding packaging machine. So, behind a modest salad, robots with big and small are running.