Soy equipment to make delicious healthy soy products

- May 02, 2018-


  China is the hometown of soybeans, soybeans have been cultivated for more than 5,000 years of history, but also the earliest development and production of soy products in the country.

   Not only soybeans as a staple food, but gradually developed a tofu, make soy sauce, bean sprouts, oil, and other products.

The ancients all through graphite grinding out soya-bean milk, into the era of modern mechanization, production of soy products are gradually produced equipment, such as: Tofu machine, Doupi machine, Thousand machine, Yuba Machine, Venetian machine, soy milk machine, refiner, soy milk machine, tofu microdermabrasion, soy machine and other paper products processing equipment. Soybean after the equipment processing production into soy products, such as tofu, beans, soy milk, Yuba and so on. Because the soybean is processed, not only the protein content is not reduced, but also increases the digestion absorption rate.

   At the same time, a variety of soy products delicious, promote appetite.

   Soybean after processing, and then use soy packaging machine packaging put into the market for sale. Soy Products has always been a popular health food, people who love to drink soy milk in the market can buy small household soya-bean milk machine at home to grind their own edible.