Sealing equipment

- May 01, 2018-

Sealing equipment with the continuous improvement of technology, in the packaging equipment industry occupies a certain market.

    Sealing equipment According to the production of packaging materials, the use of the sealing form and sealing device is also different. such as canned packaging, this type of packaging using a rotary cover sealer to its rotating cover, pressure on the mouth of the container, specially used for beer, soda and other beverages packaging and sealing, the general use of capping sealing machine, this sealing equipment will crown lid placed in the bottle, in the machine's gland die under the pressure, crown lid of the ripple around is squeezed inside shrink,

    It is stuck on the flange of the neck of the bottle, causing the mechanical connections between the bottle cap and the bottle, thus sealing the bottle.

    Now on the market there are sealing machine, vacuum sealing machine, automatic sealing machine, manual sealing machine, continuous sealing machine, Funche, seal machine, and so on sealing equipment. Packaging industry in constant innovation, packaging equipment is also constantly created, sealing equipment in the packaging industry to obtain a certain market also to continue to create a better more convenient and easier to operate equipment