Mountain push to hold Zhejiang regional product Spring Bargain meeting

- Apr 06, 2018-

March 18, the mountain push held Zhejiang region full range of products Spring Discount meeting, the company's deputy general manager Anrurine attended the conference, marketing division, Hill push build friends, Weichai Power, Mountain reconstruction machine related responsibility and nearly 300 from Zhejiang Province to participate together. Anrurine in his speech around the theme of "meticulous protection and march towards the journey", put forward to provide customers with four gold medal protection. Zhejiang Mountain Push Head also said that 2018 will be with the mountain stake together, new journey, to provide our clients with the best quality one-stop equipment procurement and services. During the meeting, the guests visited the Zhejiang Mountain in Deqing headquarters, in the exhibition car area, mountain push bulldozers, loaders, road roller, such as a full range of products competing debut, customer positive test drive, the mountain push products operating performance has been highly recognized. The discount will be unprecedented strength, including the machine to buy a surprise five re-gift, accessories, three re-gift, and also arranged a wonderful program and lottery links. Customer response is enthusiastic, have to advance the deposit or the entire purchase of products, the scene of a total of hundreds of units sold orders.