British Witen to debut in the world's largest petrochemical technology and equipment exhibition

- Apr 06, 2018-

The 18th session of China International Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment Exhibition (cippe2018) will be held in March 27-29th in Beijing, China International Exhibition Center (new Pavilion). The exhibition area of 90,000 square meters, will have 65 countries and regions around the world exhibitors. British Witen will be dressed for the world's largest oil show. British Witen has focused on industrial automation and energy and power in two areas, to "make every effort to provide value-for-goods and services, so that customers more competitive" for the mission, is committed to providing users with the most valuable products and solutions. This exhibition, we will showcase the full range of products and the latest product achievements in the field of petroleum drilling and production in Invista group, and demonstrate a comprehensive solution: oil rig solutions, intelligent control pumping Unit solutions, high protection submersible pump solutions and natural gas compressor solutions, etc. in the current economic globalization, The international oil industry competition is increasingly fierce, the industry into the development of the new normal industry background, the British Witen will be sincere service, reliable products and you go hand-in-hand to win the future together. We invite you to visit this Cippe exhibition-Yingweiteng e3-3301 booth.