Brief description of the working principle of electro-hydraulic lifting platform

- Apr 27, 2018-

Electric hydraulic lifting platform is a multifunctional lifting and handling machinery and equipment. The working principle of the electro-hydraulic lifting platform is that the hydraulic oil is formed by the vane pump to a certain pressure, through the oil filter, explosion-proof electromagnetic valve, Throttle valve, pilot-operated check valve, and balance valve enter the lower end of the hydraulic cylinder to move the piston of the hydraulic cylinder upward to lift the heavy object. The oil return at the upper end of the hydraulic cylinder is returned to the fuel tank through the flameproof electromagnetic directional valve, and the rated pressure passes through The overflow valve adjusts and the pressure gauge reads the pressure gauge reading.

The piston of the cylinder moves downwards (both weights drop). The hydraulic oil enters the upper end of the liquid cylinder through the explosion-proof electromagnetic reversing valve, and the oil return at the lower end of the hydraulic cylinder is returned to the tank via the balance valve, the hydraulically-controlled check valve, the throttle valve and the explosion-proof electromagnetic reversing valve. In order to make the weight drop smoothly, the brake is safe and reliable. A balancing valve is set on the return oil road to balance the circuit and maintain the pressure so that the falling speed is not changed by heavy objects. The flow is adjusted by the throttle valve to control the lifting speed. In order to make the brake safe and reliable, prevent accidents, increase the hydraulic control check valve, that is, hydraulic lock, to ensure safe self-locking when the hydraulic line accidentally burst. An overloaded voice-activated alarm was installed to distinguish between overload or equipment failure.

The electrical control system controls the rotation of the motor through the explosion-proof buttons SB1-SB6, the commutation of the flameproof electromagnetic directional valve to keep the load from increasing or decreasing, and adjust the time delay through the “LOGO” program to avoid the frequent start of the motor. Service life.