Who Is The Leader Of The Photovoltaic System?

- Apr 28, 2018-

Before there was a stop in Qinghai, this time it was abandoned in Shanxi. For a time, the “photovoltaic leader” with unlimited scenery is falling into a heavy fog.

Only three days after the announcement, the National Energy Administration vetoed the successful bidder for Datong Phase II PV leader in a paper document. The reason given was even more dazed by the PV circle: it did not score according to the standard and did not press the bid evaluation result. recommend.

What do the scorers violate? What ghosts did you recommend? The turbulent winds, all parties are silent.

The role of the scorer should be an objective and impartial third party, and it should meet the principle of “strict and standardized, fair and impartial, and professional overall planning”. The Technical Management Agency entrusted by the National Energy Administration has organized the establishment of an expert group and a review group. One of the responsibilities is to cooperate with the public questions. The judges holding the ruler do not score according to the standard or do not follow the rules, which not only damages the interests of the company, but also damages the rules of the industry and even hurts the third party image of fairness and authority.

On the other hand, when the scoring is completed and is preferably completed, the leading group of photovoltaic bases established by the Datong City Government should have been recommended for selection according to the results of the evaluation. However, the evaluation results and the final public announcement had two sets of lists. Who tampered with the results of the bid evaluation? Or who is to allow such falsification? The Central Plains Party Committee and local governments can hardly be resigned. The phrase “don't know, don’t participate in” makes the corpse's food more obvious. In the end, the National Energy Administration received a publicly-reported list that was completely different from the evaluation results; in the end, the reporting companies did not know why they had lost the election and what the gap was. This should be done by uploading and submitting. It should be a matter of deception;

Throughout Qinghai and Shanxi, "strict policies, strict operation, strict discipline, strict implementation, and strict requirements" and "completely eliminate the suspicion of the outside world regarding the application of declarations" are still heard. Such "black box operations" can not help but make people wonder. Why does the "photovoltaic leader" repeatedly emerge? The land policies of Golmud and Delingha are ambiguous, and the company recommended by Datong Phase 2 is arbitrarily changed. The role played by local governments in the “photovoltaic leader” is worth pondering. Regardless of land use or recommended enterprises, related policies and procedures have been clearly written into local work programs. What local governments need to do is to implement the policies and act according to the rules.

As early as 2015 when the "PV Lead Planner" was launched, the "Competitive Comparison and Selection Mechanism" has become the key word for "leadership." The so-called "Competitive Choice" must have the survival of the fittest. Some local governments have considered the pressure of economic growth and the task of attracting investment. They hope that there will be more "better" winners, and they hope that there will be more lucrative income, and this will lead them to "run side by side". As everyone knows, this is to use his "small calculations" in the "great law" of the market economy.

"Little tricks" must be unbearable, and "big trends" cannot be ignored. It is undeniable that the "photovoltaic leader" program has been implemented so far, new technology has been "running field", new products have "experimental fields", the efficiency of component conversion has been steadily rising, and the on-grid price continues to decline.

However, as the development of China's photovoltaic industry continues to accelerate, the government's position in the development of photovoltaics should also be re-examined. For the goal of photovoltaic power generation, the market's spontaneous adjustment mechanism will lead the “followers” by the “leader” to take measures to promote photovoltaic technology advancement, industrial upgrading, market application, and cost reduction.

Something is wrong. The government puts a good stance on the key links such as land acquisition and environmental protection and gives full play to its supervisory functions. It will give more space to the market for full optimization, perhaps it will be more suitable for the development status of the industry, not the other way around.