Sea Yangwei International Market, These Construction Machinery Enterprises Rely On What?

- Apr 04, 2018-

2017, it can be said that China's construction machinery manufacturers of the "year", especially in the "All the way" along the market, the Chinese manufacturers layout, in-depth speed are accelerating. Its overseas orders have been fruitful and have achieved rapid growth.

According to the General Administration of Customs statistics, China's construction machinery exports to 20.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2017, the first breakthrough 20 billion U.S. dollars, the year-on-year growth of 18.5%, the trade surplus reached 16.019 billion U.S. dollars. Momentum such as the export performance of the rainbow, witness the meticulous industrial layout and the Grand blueprint of the enterprise.

Can be based on the competitive overseas market and can siege pull out, then, these "go out" of the construction machinery Enterprises is what? In the international market for more than 30, Xugong continued to maintain the industry export first, now has established more than 40 molecular companies and offices, more than 300 distributors, more than 500 contract service providers, products have been sold to 177 countries and regions.

These outstanding achievements, but also inseparable from xugong by virtue of excellent products and services.

To create a "go out" model with outstanding technical gold standard Its loader, crane product sales have achieved a qualitative leap, and always maintain the industry's leading position in exports. 60 years of product technology precipitation, with high-quality products and perfect service, xugong in the overseas shape the high-end product image. 2017 Xugong "All the way" along the national contribution of more than 70%. High value-added, High-tech products to achieve a major export breakthrough.

We are standing in the strategic layout of "all the way".

Layout localization service, become the Golden key to open up overseas In addition to excellent quality, Xugong can have the yangwei of the sea, but also from the Global service marketing system. Xugong in the overseas layout, to close to customer research and development as the principle, according to different countries in different regions of the needs of users to develop and develop adaptive products. Ensure the "localized" service is timely and effective. At the same time, the professional team to carry out tracking protection, to provide with the attendant intimate services.

As of now, Xugong has 116 level distribution outlets, 73 spare parts outlets, 24 offices, 11 manufacturing bases and KD factories along the "all the way". How big the heart is, how big the stage is. The ambition of 31 has always been to the internationalization of enterprises to forge ahead, never stopped "go out" footsteps. With the help of the country's "all the Way" East, 31 of the pace abroad is somewhat different.

Over the past 2017 years, Xugong's overseas export business has grown by 80% per cent, with revenues as high as 30% per cent of total revenues.

Build a strategy of "holding a regiment to go to sea" and establish a unique competitive advantage To build the internationalization strategy is not to conquer, but to promote a win, the establishment of the fate of the community relationship. To this end, in the vicinity of the initiative, 31 of new, creating a global many areas of "holding a regiment to go to sea" strategic model. Actively with High-quality enterprises to establish strategic cooperation, has set up a joint working group, in India, China, third countries jointly develop five major business. Powerful alliances, to achieve complementary advantages, technical resources to share.

Both the brand and the strength have given the company great value.

Thanes once said: "When the traditional manufacturing and Internet information technology combined, it is equal to the company's wings, a powerful." In order to promote the development of manufacturing to the "intellectual" new heights. 31 annual research and development costs up to annual sales revenue of 5%-7%, 31 in Germany, the United States and other overseas bases set up a research and development center, with the global cutting-edge research and development capabilities to enhance technological innovation. To enhance the competitiveness of 31 in the international market with intellectual creation. From 2007 to establish the "M2M Remote Data acquisition and monitoring platform, to 2 billion to establish the" Magic Bean Warehouse "Innovation Center, and then to the United Baidu, Jingdong and other 19 well-known enterprises set up" Intelligenceplus Intelligent Industry Alliance "to let" intelligent technology "really fell to the industry depths.