New Steel Shavings Crusher Equipment Oxidation-like Wear Made What Should Be Done?

- May 17, 2018-

Oxidation wear is a general term for the fine plastic deformation and oxidation diffusion of the metal surface produced by the new type of steel cannon flower crusher equipment parts in the process of friction.

The metal surface of the new type of steel flower crusher equipment parts is oxidized at the time of work, resulting in extremely fine plastic deformation during the friction process. At the same time, the oxygen in the air enters the metal surface layer of the equipment and spreads, starting at the metal. The surface forms an oxidized solid solution and then further forms an oxide. Due to the formation of solid solutions and oxides, the properties of the metal surface change rapidly. In the process of oxidative wear, a new type of steel garniture crusher equipment has undergone vigorous diffusion and plastic deformation. The violent diffusion is caused by the increase of the sliding surface when the metal surface layer is plastically deformed, and promotes the internal oxygen of the metal to rapidly form oxide solid solution and oxide. The plastic deformation is violent because of the large amount of activity in the sliding surface. Oxygen atoms, oxygen atoms, the result of the plastic deformation as the internal lubrication, so that the new type of steel cannon flower crusher equipment surface metal has a great mobility and mobility. When the frictional surface forms a solid solution, the parts are often destroyed by the formation and removal of the film. When the oxides are formed, the equipment parts are worn out due to the formation of cycles and the peeling of the oxide layer.

When the oxidized wear occurs, the change of the relative movement speed of the friction surface changes the nature and degree of plastic deformation of the surface layer of the new type steel cannon crusher equipment, mainly changing the oxidation diffusion rate in the metal. According to its sliding speed, oxidative wear can be divided into two stages: a small sliding speed is a stage, and when the sliding speed increases, it develops to a second stage. In one stage, the device's metal surface forms a solid oxidized solid solution and a eutectic of the metal and oxide, often carrying away the thin film layer; in the two stages, the surface of the metal forms a flake-shaped metal oxide layer and forms periodically. And peel off this metal oxide layer.

The oxidative wear of the new steel crusher equipment can occur during both sliding friction and rolling friction, but as long as it occurs during sliding friction, oxidative wear usually occurs with spot wear during rolling friction.

Among the resource recovery and treatment equipment, the most important one is the steel cannon flower crusher equipment. Metals are one of the important resources that are inseparably related to modern technology and people's lives, such as national construction, urban construction, industrial manufacturing, and scientific development. Electronic products, wires, cables, automobiles, steel structures, factories, etc., etc., and in the face of these massive use and waste products, the origin of which is contained is astonishing, and the steel cannon flower breaker is the most important among them. The processing equipment is to be treated as crushing, all the items can reach the crushing requirements, and the finished product size after crushing can also meet the requirements of each user. This is the biggest highlight of the Cannon Flower Crusher and it is also the most outstanding performance. , In the recycling of renewable resources, steel cannons can be used in conjunction with other equipment, such as separation, water selection, winnowing, magnetic separation, vein sorting, etc., through the vigorous research and development and innovation of East China Metallurgical Machinery Factory. After the current steel crusher crusher, the material can reach 99.9% of the separated state, only need to be equipped with a simple sorting equipment. Sorting can be done, so that the user can quickly obtain a clean metal, plastic, paper materials.