Looking For Old Farm Machinery--the Old Leopard Kazam By Sudanese Users

- Mar 22, 2018-

 It is understood that the Sudanese user Kazam this old farm machinery, is in February 2006 loans to buy Revoau Leopard tractor. Busy at the current farm work, when slack out to run transport, work more than 14 hours a day, all the year round. Other tractors because the environment is high temperature, long work time and "simmer", and this Taiwan Lovol old farm machinery but never high-temperature "simmer".

Originally, the Lovol tractor exported to the Sudan, in order to adapt to the local high-temperature sand large working conditions, Lovol special development of the air filter and upgrade the engine cooling system for the Middle East Africa directional development of products, very "grounding gas." The country's weak base and low per capita income make it a big deal for an African farmer to have a tractor. Kazam vaguely remember, the original had the excitement of the tractor, all over the strength of the endless. Since the purchase of tractors, Kazam can not wait to go out to find work: ploughing, farmland, fertilizer, pull building materials, roads and so on.

After several years of hard work, Kazam quickly became the local well-known operator, income also more up, not only paid off the tractor loans, but also in the next few years, he has acquired two Lei wo tractor. Kazam to this make his fortune tractor feelings very deep, very cherish this big iron guy, meticulous care, nothing on the holding of Parts Atlas and the use of manual research, a few years down, he also almost become a maintenance expert, occasionally appear small trouble, he himself fiddling with the good. But more than 10 years down, the big fault really did not appear, this can be envied many of the driving tractor's fellow villagers.

So someone proposed to buy it away, Kazam declined. Today, the long tractor accessories in the market has rarely seen, not easy to buy. But Lovol heavy industry overseas service member said, for the user's accessories request, they certainly will contact the spare parts supporting business to satisfy the customer demand wholeheartedly. At present, the required parts of the Kazam are being reopened for production and will soon reach their hands. Kazam said that the original choice of Lovol brand is not wrong, he will introduce more villagers to buy Lovol tractor, in the village to set up a "Lovol fraternity", so that Lovol users to participate in exchanges, to introduce each other work, so that everyone's rich road more and more wide, the real realization of common prosperity.