Foreign Horse Expands Engine Product Line Power To 155KW

- Mar 24, 2018-

April 2018, the foreign horse will be in the 11th session of Paris International Engineering Machinery Exhibition (4.23-4.28,2018.

Foreign horse Booth: 5A Showroom, E46, released the most impressive series of products in 20 years-two new engine families, the existing engine power expansion to 155KW, and plans to start production in early 2019.

In the new engine series, the smaller series is named 4tn101, the displacement is 3.8L, the power range is 55kw~105kw, the maximum torque is 550 nm, the larger series is named 4tn107, the displacement is 4.6L, the power range is 90kw~155kw, the maximum torque is more than 805 nm.

Two new engine series with common rail fuel injection system, fully authorized electric control system and Medium cooling pressurization system (4tnv107 series with two-stage booster system), power coefficient and torque for the highest level of the market. With the extensive practical knowledge gained by the engine and marine diesel engine for industrial equipment, the new fuel economy design aims are developed.

The new engine families will be certified through the EU Phase V (Euro V) and are designed to reduce total life cycle costs.

In addition, the suppression of lubricating oil consumption is another key design goal of new products.

The new product reprocessing system consists of EGR and separate DPF and SCR to guarantee durability and ensure that the exhaust purification performance is uncompromising and the smaller separation type reprocessing module is easy to install.

This design on the one hand gives the new engine series excellent durability and stability, on the other hand, compactness and high power torque density, are designed to meet the requirements of the application, such as building, material handling and agricultural machinery and other fields. The introduction of the two new engine families of 4tn101 and 4tn107 will bring the brand reliability and high quality to a new height, and make it have a broader development space in the market with higher power range.