China Petroleum And Shell First Sign Project Construction Strategic Agreement

- Mar 30, 2018-

March 19, China Petroleum Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. (CPECC) and Shell Corporate Framework agreement signing ceremony held in Beijing. CPECC became the first Chinese company to sign a framework agreement with Shell for Design and project management services, and thus entered Shell's global supply chain.

The framework agreement is the first strategic agreement that PetroChina has signed with Shell in the field of construction.

On a regular basis, Shell has invited qualified suppliers to participate in the bidding of their corporate framework agreements for different categories of services or products, and the winning companies have signed agreements with them into Shell's global supply chain.

Shell said that the company attaches great importance to the development of Chinese suppliers, but also actively committed to helping Chinese excellent suppliers to go abroad, Shell in the global investment projects and factories to provide technology, equipment and services. As one of the world's two major integrated energy companies, PetroChina and Shell have carried out fruitful cooperation in many countries and areas.

At home and abroad, the two sides have 14 important cooperation projects, especially China's long north, Australia Wrigley, Kazakhstan Kashagan and other projects, has achieved positive results. The CPECC and Shell Enterprise Framework Agreement signed, on the one hand for the oil project and shell cooperation to open the door, on the other hand, China's oil to further improve the international design capabilities, enhance the project management level, and further integration into the world's large-scale integrated energy management system, to expand the international market laid a more solid foundation