Xinjiang to play the Silk Road Economic Belt core area

- Mar 30, 2018-

The state made it clear that Xinjiang should be played as the Silk Road Economic Belt core area, by speeding up the interconnection with the neighboring countries ' transportation infrastructure, strengthening the traffic links with the mainland, speeding up the communication between the north and the south of Xinjiang, and building the core of international transportation hub.     This decision-making is to support and lead the Silk Road Economic Belt core area construction strategic chess, is to maintain the national reform and development stability of the overall situation and the Western open pattern of strategic protection. "The Silk Road Economic Belt Central Area Transportation Hub Center Construction Plan (2016-2030)" proposed the establishment construction plan should base on the long-term, to Xinjiang realizes from the National Transportation Network "The terminal type" to "the Eurasian Transportation Hub Center type" The position transformation carries on the strategic plan, strongly supports our country and Central Asia, South Asia     International exchanges and cooperation in countries such as Western Asia and Europe.     By the end of 2016, the railway operating mileage in Xinjiang region reached 5868 kilometers, the high-speed railway reached 717 kilometers, and the railroad developed rapidly.     2017, the main construction: er mu to Korla Railway, al-Tai to Fuyun Railway, Nanjiang Railway to Lanzhou contact line, Xinjiang Bo State Extension, the Tower Railway Iron Ditch to Tacheng section, Urumqi new passenger station and related projects, Urumqi railway hub Wu West to the Northern Line, Urumqi Railway Container Center station. Golmud to the Korla Railway and the Fuyun to the East Railway two projects, is a part of the comprehensive Traffic and transportation corridor of the "Ten horizontal ten vertical" of the country, and it is an important part of the south and North passage of the three railway channels in the east-west joint, and the channel construction is of great significance for perfecting the distribution of railway network. At that time, plus the new line has been put into use, Xinjiang railway North, central and South three major channels will be formed.