Wazhou Group's urban rail traffic bearings are identified by experts

- May 22, 2018-

Recently, China Bearing Industry Association organized a group of 10 industry experts to the Wazhou Group to identify the RZ R&D and application technology for urban rail traffic bearings. Through multi-argumentation and comparison of data, the Wuhan Axis Group developed a certain type of urban-traffic bearing that was unanimously approved by the expert group. Its product technology level has reached the international advanced level and it has mass production conditions.

At the meeting, members of the expert group and customer representatives discussed and communicated on the R&D and application technologies of urban rail traffic bearings.

Before the meeting, members of the Axis Association and members of the expert group visited the Wax Axis Taylor Joint Laboratory, the Bearing Inspection and Test Center, and the City Rail Bearing Production Line to learn more about the processing, testing, and testing of the WZ Group's rail bearings. World-class equipment, modern manufacturing capabilities, and advanced testing and testing levels left a deep impression on the members of the expert group.