Volvo Building Equipment successfully developed small pure electric excavator

- Apr 02, 2018-

May 16, the Volvo Group Innovation Summit held in London, the Volvo Construction equipment launched a small pure electric excavator EX2. The machine is not only low-cost production, but also to achieve zero emissions. Compared with traditional models, its efficiency is increased 10 times times, noise level is reduced 10 times times, the overall cost also drops.

is considered to be the world's first small all-electric excavator concept machine, but at present the model is still in the prototype production stage, has not been included in the mass production plan.

Focusing on the future of urban infrastructure and transportation, the Innovation Summit focuses on how the industry will have a positive impact on society by improving traffic efficiency, reducing environmental impacts and improving traffic safety. "Electrification of construction equipment will result in cleaner, quieter and more efficient machines-which represents the future direction of our industry," Ahcènenedjimi, chief engineer and EX2 project director of Volvo Building Equipment electrical and electronic systems, concluded. "EX2 is a revolutionary machine. Its zero emissions and noise levels are reduced by 10 times times, even at night construction will not be noise nuisance, can be easily used in densely populated areas. 10 times times the machine efficiency and maintenance-free system means that operating costs and total cost of ownership will be greatly reduced.

Compared with the traditional model, the concept function provides the same power and power output, and the construction efficiency is higher. Volvo Group is willing to be the world's most ideal and most successful transportation solutions provider, Volvo Construction Equipment Company is committed to contribute to sustainable development, "said Thomas Bitter, senior vice president of marketing and product mix." "Volvo Construction Equipment is developing technologies related to electric cars, smart machines and overall field solutions that will help improve machine performance, productivity, efficiency, safety and sustainability, and thus benefit customers and the environment," said the company. Our future products and services will play an important role in building a sustainable society. ”