Successful development of new materials made possible by low-cost solar power

- May 29, 2018-

The successful development of a large-area perovskite thin film that is 10 times thinner than the flaps has taken an important step towards achieving large-scale, low-cost solar power generation. Yesterday, Shanghai Jiaotong University announced that the internationally renowned academic journal “Nature” published online the research results of the perovskite solar cell team of Professor Han Liyuan of the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University. If the battery is successfully industrialized, it will not depend on government policies in the future. Funding can become the mainstream power generation method in the market.

At present, the photoelectric materials in solar cells are commonly used as silicon materials. The photoelectric energy conversion efficiency of silicon batteries is high, but its production cost is also high, and in the production process, a large amount of fossil energy is consumed, and chemical substances that pollute the environment are generated. There is an urgent need to develop a new generation of low-cost solar cells. Prof. Han Liyuan said that perovskite solar cells have high photoelectric conversion efficiency and low power generation cost, and are photovoltaic technologies that are highly competitive and promising for low-cost generation of photovoltaic research. However, due to its key requirement for high perovskite material film, this new type of solar cell "does not work well."

"At this stage, the perovskite solar cell area with over 20% certification efficiency can only reach 0.04cm2-0.2cm2, which is at most like a grain of rice, and relying on the existing technology for preparing thin films, the larger the area of perovskite film, The more prone to defects, the lower the efficiency of the battery.” “Our team spent 3 years to solve this problem and developed a perovskite battery with an effective area of 36.1cm2 based on the preparation of large-area high-quality perovskite thin films. The module, for the first time in the international certification body, achieved a certification efficiency of 12.1%, establishing the world record for the efficiency of the first large-area perovskite module.” New method for preparing large-area uniform perovskite films for low mass production The cost perovskite solar cell module offers a new direction of development. Professor Han Liyuan’s team stated that the future research direction will apply the team's small-area high-efficiency device preparation technology to the module, and hopes to achieve the same module efficiency as current silicon solar cells.