Road Machinery Professional Brand Alliance to hold technical seminars

- Apr 20, 2018-

At the symposium, the experts and scholars also presented their views on how to better realize the alliance resource allocation, the customization demand of the industry products, the widening of the development strength, the realization of the remote system, the technology development characteristics of the asphalt mixing station and the technology of energy saving and environmental protection. At present, the center of our country's highway traffic work is transferring to the maintenance and management, the professional users pay more attention to the high quality and complete set of the road machinery products and the service guarantee ability. In this context, four companies to provide "fine, complete sets of" products and services as the core launched the alliance, with their own professional, superior products and their respective areas of strong brand to establish a relevant business alliance, the development of value-added services, effectively integrated the advantages of the resources of all Parties, Thus establishing a complete after-sales service chain and derivative services for the domestic and foreign road engineering construction users to build a new construction equipment purchase and service platform, so that users at a lower cost to enjoy high-quality products and quality services.

is a commendable innovation, for the road construction and maintenance of the project users is a great thing. Conference organizer Jiangyin Xinhai Highway Machinery Materials Co., Ltd. is one of the member units of the alliance. Chairman Zhou Yonghong to the participating experts to introduce the company's latest research and development of a country won more than 60 patented high-performance HLB-4000 asphalt mixing equipment. He said: Xinhai Company for many years has been following the "use of Word-of-mouth to open up the market, with the heart of a stable market" marketing concept, the tireless pursuit of excellence in products, the production of equipment in the reliability, stability, energy-saving environmental protection, the high standard of the material, the rationality of the price is 2014 The company in China sales of road machinery up to more than 50 sets of stations. Xinhai people in their own way to the market to prove that national enterprises can also Shangan in the list of branded products.