Offset Assembly, Design and Application of ROKOP Continuous Casting Machine Vibration Table Reducer

- May 16, 2018-

1 The original assembly defects hook head and eccentric shaft, eccentric sleeve assembly, mainly rely on the upper and lower planes squeeze transfer torque, multiple disassembly, can not guarantee the eccentric sleeve inner hole keyway and hook head key contact plane is greater than 70%, The resulting friction is not enough to cause loosening and failure of the joint.

For the easy release of the hook head key, the on-line repair can only be performed with the spot welding of the hook head key, resulting in the need to cut off and replace the eccentric shaft each time the adjustment or replacement of the eccentric sleeve results in frequent replacement of the eccentric shaft of the reducer, which increases the workload of inspection.

Multiple eccentric shaft dismantling, causing the wear of the bore sleeve in the worm gear, the increase of the assembly clearance, the sound of the reducer abnormal sound, the wear increased, and the vibration waveform is irregular, the vibration shock increases, and the increase of the acceleration causes the cast slab to reduce the surface Quality, such as the deepening of the deepening of the casting marks. Copper mold wear is also increased, the amount of steel per copper pipe is only 3 1. Connecting rod bearing housing 2. Eccentric sleeve 3. Hook head key 4. Eccentric shaft 5. End cap 6. Dust cover before transformation Assembling and Shaft Vibratory Device Eccentric bushings are made of hook-headed wedge joints. The repair and assembly process is complex. Each process involves: hook-head wedge removal-eccentric sleeve removal-eccentric shaft removal-deceleration box disassembly-washing of parts-gearbox Assembly - Eccentric Shaft Assembly - Eccentric Sleeve Assembly - Hook Head Wedge Gripping Fix. Among them, the eccentric shaft disassembly and assembly work is the largest, the tool tools used are many, the labor intensity of the workers is large, and the repair period of the spare parts is long, and the demand for spare parts for the technology cannot be satisfied.

2 Design and improvement The use of flat keys to connect the center of good, easy assembly and disassembly, by the side of the transmission of torque characteristics, the wedge head wedge joints to change the flat key connection, you can eliminate the hook wedge key to eccentric shaft and eccentric sleeve matching wedge The eccentricity and deflection produced when the effect is applied can achieve a more accurate eccentricity.

The flat-key connection uses torque transmitted from the two sides instead of the friction transmission torque generated by the upper and lower surfaces of the wedge key on the hook head and the eccentric shaft groove, and the surface of the eccentric sleeve groove wedge to eliminate the failure of the transmission due to looseness of the hook wedge key. phenomenon.

There is an axial fixing function for the wedge head wedge key, and the flat key linkage does not have this function. In the outer end of the eccentric shaft, an additional tightening nut is designed, and the eccentric sleeve is fixed axially, and the disassembly and assembly are convenient.

1. Worm gear 2. Inner worm gear 3. Reducer housing 4. Eccentric shaft 5. Dust cover for transportation Modification of rear axle and worm wheel assembly 3 Application and effect evaluation May 2004 After the transformation is completed, the vibration reducer is eliminated. Fault caused by the leakage of steel, broken pouring production accident. Compared with the same period before the transformation, the loss of production accidents was reduced by 1 million yuan.

Due to the change of the hook head key to the flat key connection, each time the reducer is repaired offline, the eccentric shaft does not have to be renewed, the assembly of the worm wheel inner sleeve hole does not require multiple installations and disassembly, and the eccentric shaft worm gear does not have to be renewed to repair a spare part cost of 6,000 yuan. Two 8-stream casters, compared with the same period of last year, have saved the cost of repairing spare parts for vibration table reducer (6 changed to flat key linkage, which simplifies the offline repair process of the reducer, and can repair spare parts without disassembling the eccentric shaft, saving A large number of machine fixtures shorten the repair time of spare parts and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

At the same time, after the eccentric shaft eliminates multiple disassembly and assembly processes, the assembly accuracy is stable, ensuring the requirements of the assembly dimension chain, and the transmission accuracy is more stable and reliable.

After the vibration table is transformed, the vibration is completely regular, ensuring the sine wave vibration of the steel production, the impact force is small, the acceleration is reduced, the ratio of the rising and falling speeds is reduced, the turning is eased, and the steel passing through the crystallizer copper pipe is increased by 10%. , from the original 3600t / root to 4000t / root or more, the annual savings of 175,000 yuan copper pipe costs. After the improvement, the surface quality of the slab has also been significantly improved.