New type dry ultrafine crusher

- May 19, 2018-

Growth of European technical plastics compounding industry slows down According to a special report of the British AM1 consulting firm on large European independent technical plastic compounding plants, it is estimated that in 2002, European technical compounding consumed more than 3.5 million tons of resin. Technical compounding includes colorant compounding, polyolefin technology compounding, and engineering plastic compounding, not including master batch compounding and PVC compounding.

Thermoplastic compounding is one of the most dynamic parts of the European plastics industrial materials industry. It plays an important role in the bridge between the polymer production plant and the plastics processing plant, and some large-scale resin plants themselves are also engaged in the production of compounding materials.

Although due to price pressures, the scope of the resin production plant in 2002 was narrowed, the compounding plant would be more organic and would give the processing plant a better product that meets their requirements, but due to the performance improvement and embankment height of the resin plant's direct polymerization grade, It can meet more requirements of processing plants, coupled with low costs, so the European plastic compound market growth rate is no longer as high as the overall European plastic growth in consumption. In addition, changes in the European plastics technology compounding industry have recently been faced with: the introduction of e-commerce and users to reduce the purchase of intermediate links, the decline in the production profits of the compounding plants, the globalization of the final industrial users, the change in the supply chain structure, and compounding Industrial maturity and further specialization.

The report pointed out that some of the leading large-scale compounding plants have become increasingly important in the unemployed industry, and they have regard to their basic situation, development strategies and financial statements. Estimate their output and predict industry trends. At present, the top five European manufacturers are: Belgian Ravago Company, German A. Schulman European Company, Belgium Po New Type Dry Micro Pulverizer Zhejiang Fengli Crushing Equipment Co., Ltd. Absorbing and digesting foreign advanced technology developed from a set of powerful drying, super Micro-grinding, high-precision classification of three functions in one of the new generation of dry ultrafine grinding equipment GF dry ultrafine crusher. The machine can dry and crush the wet material with moisture content up to 80%. After drying and crushing, the moisture content of the finished product can be as low as possible. 1 %; The material is crushed and grading, drying, and staying in the machine for only a few seconds; the product particle size is infinitely adjustable, the particle size distribution is narrow, and the fineness is less than 2Mm; the power is 90kW, and the processing capacity is 200kg/h~300kg/ h; The system works under a closed negative pressure and the environment is free from dust pollution. This machine is widely used in the drying, ultrafine crushing of different materials and viscous materials such as pigments, plastics, medicines and other blocks, tablets, powders, pastes, pastes, and pastes.