Engine state three emissions team

- Mar 28, 2018-

Engine state three emissions team since the formation of the 2010, the difficult, the completion of the power cover 50~400 horsepower 4a3lu, 6a3lu, 4m3lu, 6m3lu, Yt4a1lu, ym6s9uf six large pressurized medium-cooling base platform and 4v5u, YT4B4U,     6V5U the development, calibration, testing and power matching of three electronic control diesel engines of non-road state in the third Nature Suction Foundation platform. In April 2016, the state fully implemented the three emission standards of non-road state, in the state three diesel engine technology upgrade key period, the team each member based on position, excellence, Overtime completed the LR series, S series, K series, YT series 15 models 50 configurations of the State three emissions of the original machine development and certification work, Obtained environmental certificate 320 copies, completed more than 10 kinds of tractor models supporting development work, in the premise of further upgrading the product design quality, to ensure that the Dongfanghong diesel engine, tractor State three switching work smoothly, making the Dongfanghong diesel engine in the three emissions market competition in the first opportunity,     Improve the Dongfanghong products market share and product competitiveness. Emission critical team to the technology first responsibility, once again, to carry out the burden of 4A3LR, 6A3LR, 6K5LR, 4R3LR, 6R3LR, 4M3LR, 6M3LR, 6S4LR, 6S9LR nine kinds of pressurized medium-cooling platform of the electronic control of the four-state diesel engine design and development, power coverage 90~     400 hp; Complete the emission calibration of 4A3LR, 6A3LR and 6K5LR diesel engines and the power matching work with LX1000, LG1504 and LX2204 tractors. In recent years, the national three emission team in the field of scientific research and innovation is also fruitful, "Dongfanghong-lr6a3lu diesel Engine" "Dongfanghong-ym6s4uf Diesel Engine" "Dongfanghong-ym6s9u Diesel Engine" project through the organization of Henan Province Science and Technology Department of the results of identification, one of the results for the international advanced, Two achievements of the international leadership, by the State Intellectual Property Office authorized 12 patents, including 1 invention patents, published 18 scientific and technological papers.