Cycloid reducer structure modification

- May 18, 2018-

The low volumetric efficiency of the gear pump is mainly caused by large leakage at the end face, which accounts for about 70% of the total leakage. Therefore, the accuracy of the fitting between the end cap and the housing of the gear pump is improved, and the volumetric efficiency and performance of the pump are improved. The direction of the technicians' efforts.

The gear pump end face and the housing are basically positioned pins to ensure their machining and mating accuracy. However, due to the small aperture size of the locating pin hole, it is only handsome. 019, but the processing accuracy, internal surface roughness and other requirements are higher, in the past through a lot of efforts, using a variety of processing methods, the quality is still difficult to guarantee, in this regard, by improving the processing and assembly process, achieved a certain effect.

Second, the gear pump end cap and shell fit error on the performance and efficiency of the pump drive gear axis and the front cover positioning the end of the coaxial error of large errors, gear rotation resistance, even stuck, resulting in the mechanical properties of the pump decline. Parts with poor dynamic fit, accelerated wear, shorten the life of the gear pump, and floating sleeve axial resistance is greater, so that the gap between the gear pump end surface and the sleeve can not be eliminated in time, or even can not move, resulting in gear The volumetric efficiency of the pump decreases. In addition, due to the influence of its own coaxiality on the driving axle and the driveshaft, the vibration and noise of the pump are increased. ) Modified cycloid reducer structure. Output Shaft 2, 10. Oil Seal 3. Shaft Retaining Ring 4. Deep Groove Ball Bearing 5, 9. Hole Retaining Ring 6. Base Needle Cuff 7. Needle Pin 8. Flanged End Cap 11. Input The shaft shaft fastening ring, the gland and the spacer between the two bearings reduce the number of parts, save the raw materials and production man hours, thereby reducing the cost and shortening the production cycle. In addition, because the reducer is equipped with a breather cap, the oil seal can be installed without being fixed in the axial direction.