China's first nuclear reactor project will add new impetus

- May 26, 2018-

Recently, the main steam header of No. 5 unit of “Hualong No. 1” Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant manufactured by Harbin Boiler Works Co., Ltd. of Harbin Electric Power Generation Co., Ltd. was produced in advance and delivered to the site, which was confirmed by users. The main steam header is an important link between nuclear islands and conventional islands. The on-site lifting and installation of the components is an iconic node. The arrival of the main steam headers on time will lay a solid foundation for the smooth progress of the project.

"Hualong No.1" is a three-generation nuclear power technology with independent intellectual property rights, and is the main pusher of the state's nuclear power "going out". Fuqing No. 5 unit is the world's first project of "Hualong No. 1", and H2O takes over the main steam header. For the manufacturing tasks of heat exchangers, heat exchangers, steam separators, high-pressure generators, deaerators, and motor bearings, the progress of the project is highly concerned by CNNC and Harbin Electric.

At the initial stage of the implementation of the main steam coal box project of Fuqing No. 5, the Hutcheon Auxiliary Vessel Design and Development Department, Technology Department, Material Research Institute, and Quality Management Office worked together to complete technical preparations such as design, manufacturing, and inspection documents as planned. Due to on-site demand adjustments, the user requests early delivery. The user's needs are the goal of the work. The main pipelines of this project are seriously delayed due to the reasons such as local production suspension and production restriction. For the severe situation in which the construction period is greatly compressed, the heads of Harbin Electric Power Group and Harbin Electric Power Group attach great importance and are closely deployed. People, together with Liu Limin, the deputy general manager in charge of production, went deep into the site to push forward project implementation and ensure that shipments were made according to user requirements.

The multi-sector collaboration fully demonstrates the speed of Haba manufacturing. The military's nuclear office coordinated and coordinated, the procurement office actively cooperated, the production department organized production and manufacturing, and the process design department provided timely services. The quality inspection department, the quality assurance office, and other related departments paid full attention and actively organized and coordinated. The transportation management department meticulously implemented the transport link work. It laid a solid foundation for the smooth progress of the project. Heavy-duty branch factory all-weather production, part of the end of the process is often in the middle of the night or late at night; the quality inspection department took the initiative to work overtime plus production, do a good job in quality inspection, ensure product quality and progress, to grab valuable time for follow-up production.

In the end, all 7 ring seams and 9 large pipe fillet welds of the main steam header were 100% RT, 100% UT and 100% MT. Three 100% non-destructive tests were all qualified once, creating welding under extremely tight production cycles. One qualified grade for quality.

The smooth production and delivery of the main steam header was advanced 5 days ahead of the time required by the user, which fully proved the strong performance capability and contract awareness of HCC under various constraints, and also proved the strong organizational capabilities of HCC in production and manufacturing. The production capacity and good quality control level will add the world's first new engineering power to “Hualong I”.