China's first new sewage biological treatment technology

- May 30, 2018-

The technology was named "KDL Immobilization and Directional Biology Method" and was led by the chief expert of Guangdong Jinming Environmental Protection Technology Company and Wang Kaimin, an expert enjoying special allowance from the State Council. According to reports, this technology is the latest scientific research result independently researched and developed after more than ten years of scientific experiments and technical breakthroughs. It is the first of its kind in the world. Through immobilization technology, microorganisms are fixed and grown, and biological activity is maintained under suitable conditions. Biological treatment of a series of sewage biological treatment technology methods.

Compared with existing biochemical methods such as activated sludge method, biofilm method, and immobilized microbiological method, this technology is beneficial to increase the concentration of microorganisms in the bioreactor and the solid-liquid separation after reaction, and can shorten the processing time. It also effectively removes nitrogen and other heavy metal ions, and can be widely used in the fields of living and industrial sewage treatment, river pollution control and water reuse.

"The quality of water treated using this method can meet the national A standard." Wang Kaimin said that this technology can solve a series of problems such as large secondary pollution, unstable water treatment, and high water treatment costs.

At present, this technology has achieved practical application of industrial sewage treatment and rural domestic sewage treatment in some domestic factories, and has achieved a high-quality, water-reusable wastewater treatment effect with lower investment and operating costs.

Xue Tao, deputy dean of the E20 Joint Research Institute of the School of Environmental Studies of Peking University, said that this technology has provided new technical support for the promotion of water pollution treatment PPP model, changing sewage and waste water resources, in line with the modern society's pursuit of "circular economy".

The seminar was organized by the China International Science and Technology Exchange Center and the China Association for Science and Technology Development Center.