China-Aluminum Logistics central Land Port: Keep the frontier and expand the soil to increase the efficiency

- Apr 07, 2018-

Entering the 2018, facing the grim market situation and rare opportunities for development, the central land port of China Aluminum Logistics Group earnestly implement the work of Chinalco Group and China Aluminum Logistics group, seize the opportunity for the transformation and development, and strive to keep the frontier from four aspects and improve the quality and efficiency. First, deepen the reform, improve the performance appraisal system with the main content of profit assessment, we will promote the reform of salary system with workload as its main content, explore the reform of human resources allocation, inspire the team vigor; second, strengthen the management, through grasping the party building, carrying the team, grasping the system, carrying out the task, grasping the security, bravely, and continuously improving and strengthening the basic management, Improve the efficiency of the operation of the Force; third, to expand the market, surrounded by the frontier, improve the quality of two main lines, focus on the external two markets, do a good stock, expand the new business scope and region, to achieve the stability of the territory's income, expand territory to create benefits; Four is to grasp the construction, to promote the bulk freight yard, commercial vehicles permanent transit The second phase of container multimodal transport project construction, to achieve the size of the park formation, business structure is reasonable, the operation of a tight and orderly, profitable steady improvement, income region leading, the team full of vitality.