2017 global construction machinery industry operating profile analysis12

- Mar 05, 2018-

China Credit Insurance Research found that in 2016, countries with higher risk in the construction machinery industry concentrated more on emerging markets in Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia, with sluggish economic recovery or even a recession, fragile financial system, devaluation of their currencies, geopolitical tensions, The unstable situation has become the main reason for these high market risks.

At the industry level, the mining and energy industries in the lower reaches are affected by the international market. The prosperity of the industry drops sharply. The development of infrastructure also faces the problems of government fiscal shortage and shortage of owners' financial resources. The exchange rate pressure of the U.S. dollar and high financing costs not only restrict the construction of key downstream Industry recovery, sales of construction machinery itself will also bring the pressure of shrinking demand.

Taken together, the major overseas markets with industry risks in 2016 are mainly Argentina, UAE, Brazil, Nigeria, Myanmar, United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Egypt, Cameroon, Mexico, Tajikistan, Uruguay, Guatemala and Liberia.